Opinion – Joana Appointment ; A Blesssing In Disguise by Ibrahim Habeeb

Opinion – Joana Appointment ; A Blesssing In Disguise by Ibrahim Habeeb

Kudos to the initiator of this bill, #NotTooYoungToRun, it has in so many ways given the youth the platform to come out and contest for various elective post across the country in the past general election.‬
The youths are very happy with this development and it means they are inclusive in the system.

‪When the news of Kwara state governor ABDULRAHMAN ABDULRAQAK nominating a 26 years old youth corper (Joana Nnazua Kolo) as a commissioner broke into the media, it was a welcome development which majority of the youth applauded.‬

‪We believe inclusion of the youth in Governance is gradually becoming a reality. ‬
Recently, rumour has been going around that people are complaining about making a very young lady a commissioner in the state. She lack experience, she knows nothing about the state

‪She hasn’t been in government before, she is not married yet(not so sure about this). Some are even clamouring that she will meet officials older than her at any ministry she is heading. ‬

A friend was even telling me the motive behind the nomination by the governor ‪….was because he wants her as a wife.(funny right). ‬
Not to talk much, to my own understanding about this issue, i think we people are the major problem of our country, the world has evolved pass the level of all this aforementioned critics.

‪many nations have members of parliament who are as young as 22. Mostly under 30years of age. ‬
In the United States, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest woman elected to Congress at age 29, in 2013, Naisula Lesuuda served as a senator in Kenya at the age of 29. ‪A law student Typhanie Degois became the youngest member of France’s parliament at age 24 in 2017, to mention but few.

Moving the memory train back a bit, we’ve had Head of States with age ranging from late twenty to early 30. ‬

‪Have you hard about the parable of the corn? By Pius Adeyemi? May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace. ‬It goes thus:

Standard fare of elderly conduct in Yoruba land. When, as an elder, you hold roasted or boiled corn and there is a child around the corner, looking expectantly at you, you cut off the narrower end of the corn that we usually refer to as the head and give it to the child. Then you proceed to eat the base that we call the bottom of the corn. The bottom has bigger and yummier grains anyway.

Hence the proverb: ti agbalagba ba ti bere si je agbado lati ori, ki omode to wa nibe sun si eyin. Ko fe fun je ni.

Translation: When an elder starts quaffing the corn from the anatomical part of the thing that is usually reserved for children, the children should take a hint… he is not going to give you the bottom of the corn.

What you do after taking a hint is the question.

You can cry and wail and hope that the inconsiderate agbaya elder will reserve the head of the next corn for you.

Or you can seriously begin to think of ways to make corn grow in your own little spaces and station in life.

The average age of that cabinet is 61.

They have been eating the corn from the head since the 1980s.

Some 60% of you are 30 years-old and below. Stop living in perpetual hope that these guys will give you the head of the corn.

The corn of genius, innovation, and initiative belongs to your generation the world over. It is a corn you can own whole. You don’t even have to have it anatomically partitioned between your generation and these recycled materials.

Stop playing footsie with them.

Stop waiting for them to blow the whistle of culture, religion, and political affiliation and divide you while you fight each other and wait in vain hope for the head of the corn.

Own your own corn wholly, undivided like your peers in the rest of the world.

The corn of innovation.

The corn of genius.

The corn of creativity.

That is where you have an edge over these guys.

‪I strongly believe we need to be more supportive to this government and make our critics more of governance than politics. I see nothing wrong in appointing a 26 years old lady as a commissioner. If she is not supported now, then when is the youth taking over? Are the youths no longer the leaders of tomorrow?

The tomorrow is no longer tomorrow, rather the tomorrow is now. If we don’t try to take our corn from this Men or start growing our own corn, we will end up with no corn.

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