Democracy gives room for citizens, civil society groups, NGOs, and opposition parties to challenge the government i.e. by putting government on their toes to deliver on their campaign manifestos, deliver good governance and ensuring that cases of corruption and abuse of power by the government in power are revealed.

However, the opposition party, PDP led by Bukola Saraki whose political dynasty were unanimously ended by Kwarans in the last general elections are ingnorance of their duty as opposition party in Kwara State.

Kwara PDP and their contracted media propagandists have been doing opposite of what the role of opposition party entails as they have on several occasions caught in the web of fake news peddling and defamation of characters of the Governor of the state. The most recent act of their irresponsible was demonstrated by the news report published by Nationa Pilot on Thursday 24th, October, 2019. According to the said news report which was linked to a top opposition leader in the state Governor AbdulRahaman allegedly acquires 2 bullet-proof jeeps at N480 million.

Thankfully, the news report has been denied by the Governor with request that the National Pilot should retract the fake news on all platforms or media; apologise; give an assurance that they will desist from publishing fake news against him or face legal consequences for the libelous report. This was contained in the letter written by Governor AbdulRahman to the Editor of the National Pilot.

Also, in their new enterprise of irresponsibility, one of Bukola Saraki radio propagandists in Kwara State, Mr. Tunji Moronfoye on his weekly radio programme on Albarka FM on Thursday 24th, October, 2019 ignorantly criticized and ridiculed the nomination of women and young people as commissioners in the state.

The Governor of Kwara State had earlier sent the names of 9 women and 7 men to the Kwara State Assembly for confirmation as commissioners. According to Moronfoye, Saraki media propagandist cum activist said I am surprised that the governor (AbdulRahman) is just populating his cabinet with just women and young people.

Moronfoye further said what experience do women and young people have because ministries are supposed to be manned by people who are consultants in their fields? However, callers on the show unanimously condemned Moronfoye for his reckless discriminatory comments against women and young people on AbdulRahmans commissioner nomination list.

In addition to the aforementioned, Kwara PDP have also been hiding behind some young guys in the state to spread falsehood in an attempt to discredit the government of AbdulRahman whom has shown commitment to fix the mess left behind by Kwara PDP.

It is noteworthy that the government of AbdulRAhman has been enjoying the support of Kwarans since it came to power due to its efficiency in delivering good governance.

As a Kwaran who desire prosperity and progress of the state, I advise Kwara PDP to desist from fake news peddling and work together with the ruling party by providing credible and responsible opposition.

It is obvious that Kwara PDP are not ready for their new role as opposition party because one will be right to say Kwara PDP have adopted the template of their national party in fake news peddling and the use of young Nigerians in propagating their fake news enterprise.

As such, I urge Kwara PDP to reach out to Kwara APC for free tutorial on how to play opposition the way it should be played.

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