Saraki N12 Billion naira fraud: A Tale of an Akotileta!   

Saraki N12 Billion naira fraud: A Tale of an Akotileta!  


The former British Prime Minister, David Cameron once said: The evil of corruption reaches into every corner of the world. It lies at the heart of the most urgent problems we face “. This is the exact situation Kwara state has found itself, no thanks to Bukola Saraki and his political godson, AbdulFatah Ahmed.

The recent revelation by EFCC on the alleged cash withdrawal of N12 billion from the Kwara State coffer by Bukola Saraki while he was serving as the Governor of the state between 2003-2011 is worrisome, and disheartening as such kleptomaniac act can be traced to many underdevelopments in the state.

According to news report in Nigerias major dailies, it was alleged that this huge sum of over N12bn was paid into his accounts domiciled with Access and Zenith banks through one of his personal assistants, Abdul Adama, at different intervals; this is more than the N4.8bn the government of AbdulRahman inherited from the government of AbdulFatah.

No wonder, Saraki and his co-travelers at every opportunity usually boast that their leader is richer than Kwara State! All thanks to time for revealing to Kwarans and Nigerians that Saraki is leaving large on this N12bn withdrawal.

What can this huge sum amount of money, N12 billion do for Kwarans? It will be more interesting to know that investment of N12 billion naira in Kwara state can improve the health, education, roads and other infrastructure in the state, but sadly one man has decided to use these monies to enrich himself and advance his political relevance.

This is evident in the confession made by Bukola Saraki while he was feeding his loyalists in Ilorin on his major grouse with President Muhammadu Buhari-led government.

According to the leaked audio made available online, Senator Bukola Saraki while addressing his followers in Ilorin, the state capital of Kwara state stated during the 2015 presidential campaign, out of the 36 states of the federation, Bukola Saraki said he spent money ranging from N200m to N400m in 30 states.

A simple calculation shows that Saraki allegedly spent over N1 billion in those states. Could this N1 billion be from the N12 billion?

The big question is; if these monies have been spent in Kwara state for Kwarans, are we still going to have potholes littered the roads? Are we still going to have dilapidated school structures across the state? Are we still going to have poor medical facilities in the state? Are we still going to have unemployed Kwarans roaming the streets? These are questions Kwarans need to ask.

The N12bn would have make it easier for any serious government just like this present government to make N4bn investment in the Social Investment Programme; release the counterpart funding of N450m to UBEC so that they can access N7bn to fix the infrastructure deficits in the basic education.

With the N12bn in Kwara State coffer, this government would have gotten reasons to smile because it will make it easier for them to pay N30,000 minimum wages of the state workers and also there wont be need to pay salary debts inherited from the previous because they money could have been used to cater for the state salary needs in the first instance.

Can you see what greediness and covetousness of Bukola Saraki has caused Kwara State?

So, the reason why state workers/pensioners are being owned salaries/pensions, school children are receiving education in dilapidated buildings, hospitals are in shambles, roads are littered with potholes, unemployed youths are roaming the streets etc. if this is not an act of Akotileta, I dont know what to call it, you can help me out.

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