The “Explore Kwara South” Experience ‬

The “Explore Kwara South” Experience ‬


‪Kwara South Senatorial District is a beautiful place with lots of tourist attractions, and this distinct the Senatorial district from others. ‬

‪In his bid to project the senatorial district to the world through tourism, Senator Oyelola Ashiru sponsored youths with some researchers and prospective private investors to explore and appreciate the tourist attractions that are domicile in Kwara South. ‬

‪The #exploreKwaraSouth team first port of call was Esie museum, The Esie Museum which is the first museum in Nigeria, and the largest collection of soapstones images in the world. The youths that have not visited the museum before were marvelled to see images representing human beings. ‬

‪The team proceeded to Owu Water Falls, one will appraise nature with the shrub, the aesthetics landscape, and the reception of the sun flowers while you trek from Owa Onire to the water fall. ‬

‪The ambience and the magnificent height is astounding, it is on record that the water fall is the highest in West Africa, with about 120metres height. ‬

‪The team were left with the mystery of “the more noisy the place is, the more the water fall” but that is yet to be scientifically proven. ‬

‪To all nature lovers, Kwara South Senatorial District is the home of tourism, aside the Owu falls, there is also Ero Omola Water fall in Oke-Ero Local Government, one will be astounded with the terrific sounds and pressure of the water fall. ‬

‪The great views from Imole Boja shelter rock and the beautiful mountain is a suitable place for hikers. ‬

‪Come let’s build Kwara South‬


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