The major factor that distinguish one political party from another is ideology, so it is assumed that each of such platforms has standing unique attributes that appeals to the conscience of their followers. It is also important to note that in some cases party decisions tend to influence governance but the ability of the Chief Servant to apply wisdom in any case will always strike suitable balance between governance and party politics.


In trying to disect the adverse effects of administrative political deceit with particular emphasis on Anambra State, one cannot help but X-ray the approach from the election campaigns, electoral procedures which comprises campaign strategy, promises, conduct of elections as well as mode of administration deployed thereafter.


Anambra State used to be “Home For All” during the period when the former governor Dr Chinwoke Mbadinuju held sway for four disastrous years. Thereafter, Dr Chris Ngige took over and performed creditably well before Mr Peter Obi assumed office and renamed her “Light of The Nation” in an attempt to rewrite the ills and anomalies that seemed to have trailed the home for all mentality. Peter made remarkable transformation of the state through ANIDS.


Surprisingly, since the inception of the Willie Obiano administration Anambra has been in the news for all the wrong reasons which accounts for the increased spate of youth restiveness, lack of employment due to dwindling employment opportunities, high cost of healthcare, exorbitant tuition fees at all levels of academic endeavour, exploitation of farmers, extortion of commercial transporters and recently increased wanton destruction of major markets across the state owing to lack of fire fighting equipments and emergency facilities. The ultramodern spare parts market at Onitsha was regrettably ravaged by fire yesterday 11th January, 2020. Without mincing words all these are factors of guaranteed poverty and underdevelopment.


In the build up to Anambra 2013 gubernatorial election, promises were made, but whether or not those promises have been fulfilled remains subject to our collective appraisal as a people. Subsequently in 2017, more campaign promises were reeled out irrespective of a glaring case of carryover, contractors were somewhat frantically mobilised to sites, only for them to disappear immediately after the election.


The 2017 election was however grossly influenced with instruments of state whereby the electoral body, security agents, the ruling party and public officers were all used to perpepetrate alarming degrees of irregularities. Despite the infractions listed above, a winner was declared by the electoral umpire and ratified by the courts. Courtesy demands however that the winner should get down to work after the victory and deliver democracy dividends to appreciate the mandate but alas, the sad narrative persisted.


The once enviable state of infrastructure in dear state has deteriorated so terribly that the enclave previously known for its remarkable road infrastructure under governor Peter Obi is now in a sorry state of competing dimensions of multiple portholes, emerging gullies and in some cases horrible erosion concerns. Major streets and market environments on the other hand can hardly be distinguished from dumpsites as evacuation of refuse have become one hell of a herculean task with the attendant health risks.


In Anambra today, the power grid has become terribly altered that we now evacuate electricity from the cities and industrial areas to the hinterlands, especially home towns of political leaders thereby compelling noise pollution, increased combustion of fossil fuels and consequent dwindling income for both high and low income earners who now resort to alternative means of energy to sustain their business ventures, yet they pay all taxes while facing multiple taxation imposed by either touts or government revenue agents, all issuing prototype revenue receipts.


To make matters worse, the APGA administration of governor Willie Obiano keep bankrolling media stunts aimed at deceiving the general public over imaginary achievements which has absolutely no bearing or direct impact on the citizenry to show for the huge financial investment on such irrelevant publications.


Contrary to more promises and expectations of massive construction of roads and maintenance of dilapidated ones in this dry season (just like other forgotten dry seasons) our governor keeps gallivanting from one foreign country to the other without bringing home commensurate foreign direct investment besides scores of empty MOUs which end up ripping the state of initial deposits before fading into oblivion as usual. A responsible governor should have left a public note of his foreign engagements to avoid insinuations of money laundering or frivolous trips associated only to leaders who embark on private expeditions with public funds.


It is indeed high time the human rights organizations, traditional, religious and political leaders stood up for the masses and redirect the drivers and handlers of Anambra State. These opinion leaders should bluntly inform the executive that the vehicle we boarded was destined to be moving forward and not reversing endlessly on top speed.


You cannot promise estimated 4 million population of human community that you would build an airport with foreign contractors on a zero percent financial obligation only to turn around and secretly expend over a hundred million as equity contribution without building even an airstrip at record time. If you were addressing the portion of our ecosystem constituting the associated plants and animal species, that would have been somewhat understandable because they take whatever you offer and are not likely to raise eyebrows in effect of noncompliance.


I don’t want to indulge in listing the liturgy of the governor’s pathetic package of unfulfilled promises which in my opinion were obviously cast on deceptive intention to win elections for the sake of political power and to the detriment of the larger society.


As a patriotic citizen my commitment is as simple as consistently, critically and diplomatically appealing for good governance at all level of public administration with special concern in Anambra State which in this case happens to be my primary constituency.


Let our leaders channel our scarce human and material resources to work, so that Anambra state will begin to work for us again irrespective of our divergent political views, constituency, religious affiliation and cultural differences.

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