AbdulRazaq’s People Oriented Government in Kwara

AbdulRazaq’s People Oriented Government in Kwara

For the first time in over 16 years, trauma
tised people of Kwara State are experience
ing a people-oriented government; an ad
ministration, whose policies and pro
grammes are influenced by the wishes of
the people.

This is exactly what Governor
Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq has been doing
since assumption of office on May 29,
2009. From his very first day in office, this
governor signaled that he would not run an
elitist government like his predecessors
AbdulRazaq showed that he was averse to
profligacy and fanfare, which was the bare
of his precursors, when he insisted and
executed a lean inauguration ceremony.

Gov. AbdulRazaq abdulrahman at the launching of the free exercise book program
Gov. AbdulRazaq abdulrahman at the launching of the free exercise book program

On D-Day, there was no fanfare and no party
ing. Many used to seeing governors lavish
ing state resources on inauguration we

Kwara State Governor and africa richest business Aliko Dangote during a visit in Kwara
For Abdulrahman, the state’s lean re
sources must not be wasted on inaugura
tion festivities. This man does not fly
around in private jet. In fact, he has insti
tuted a no-private jet policy in the state.
When he travels, he does so with a lean en
tourage, including himself, with his
moniker backpack, and a few aides. Don’t
be surprised to see Abdulrahman at the
airport queuing to enter a commercial air
craft. He has promised to serve the people
with all his heart, working as a ‘Government House‘ Governor.

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Kwara Gov flags off rehabilitation of schools

In the last eight months, this governor has been doing just
this. Perhaps, the last time the people of
the state experienced a people’s govern
ment was during the Cornelius Adebayo

Abdulrahman spends nights in Kwara State
villages, touring tattered schools and
hospitals, trying to solve the problems of
his people. I still clearly remember when
he summoned some permanent secretaries
and directors to a meeting at a decrepit
school in Patigi, many miles from Ilorin, to
experience the agony of the students in
this derelict public school and brainstorm
on how to fix the decay.

Many will also not forget that Kwara State
2019 budget review sessions in July were
held at the Special Needs School at Apata
Yakuba, miles away from the conference
rooms in Ilorin. Abdulrahman said holding
such budget review sessions in a setting as
disadvantaged as the school was his way oy
redirecting the emphasis of the civil ser
vants to the predicaments of the poor in
the state.

No doubt, Abdulrazaq inherited a state
with rundown structures. Shortage of pub
lic water supply, limited access to basic
healthcare, dilapidated schools, decrepit
hospitals and poorly motivated civil ser
vants are examples of the rots he inherited
He has refused to be intimidated. This man
has hit the ground running. A good exam
ple here is the moribund Kwara Radio and
Television, which returned to air within
weeks of his assumption of office. It was
magical. There is already an improvement
in the perennial water crisis in Ilorin

He has also pulled out Kwara
from its earlier status as the least per
forming state in the Universal Basic Edu
cation Commission (UBEC) ranking, out of
the 36 states in Nigeria. Kwara can now ac
cess N7 billion from UBEC to fix the infra
structure deficits in the primary education
sector, following the payment of its own
counterpart fund.


Academic and non-academic workers of
the state-owned higher institutions are
happy because this governor was able to
pay years of arrears owed them. Within few
months, he secured re-accreditation for
some courses in these tertiary institutions,
He has evidently spent the last eight
months putting in place basic infrastruc
ture for the people which his predecessors
failed to do.

Abdulrazaq knows he has to
keep the civil servants motivated to actu
alise his lofty programmes for the state.
So, civil servants now enjoy full salaries as
and when due This governor has a clear idea of what he
wants to achieve in Kwara State. He says
the focus of his administration is on hu
man capital and infrastructural development
ment “which would attract investments,
combat poverty and take the state to the
top of the table of revenue generation and

To this end, he has prioritised water, education, health, road and
general infrastructure. He adds: “Agricul
ture is also a priority and we are also look
ing at ensuring that a lot is done in the area
of agro-processing because of our com
comparative advantage. We want to completely
change the story of this state and our plans
revolve around just that, beginning from
the budget review.”

Under the Kwara State Social Investment
Programme, he plans to spend Ni billion to
help traders and artisans with soft loans:
“We are looking at roughly 1, ooo benefits
ciaries for soft loans. We cannot watch
while our people are suffering. We have to
do something in that regard.”

Abdulrazaq has also spent months battling
the sales of public property by the officials
of the last administration in the state to
themselves at ridiculous prices. It was a
mindless mismanagement of public re
sources. A number of steps have been
taken to redress the excesses of these for
mer government officials. The committee
set up on the issue has turned in its report.
It was a frightening one.

It confirmed that
the immediate past administration in the
state sold 110 government properties, in
cluding the deputy governor’s residence.
Yes, the incumbent deputy governor is
staying in a rented apartment because of
this mess. Abdulrazaq has promised to
implement all the recommendations. For
me, all those that have taken Kwara prop
erty must return them. This man surely
needs all the support to recover these
stolen public assets.

AbdulRazaq showed that he was averse to
profligacy and fanfare, which was the bare
of his precursors, when he insisted and
executed a lean inauguration ceremony

Newly renovated nysc camp by AbdulRazaq abdulrahman government
On the flipside, new godfathers that
emerged after Bukola Saraki are working to
cleg Abdulrazaq They want to determine
who gets what in Kwara He must remain
undaunted. Forces of good must rise and
protect this new Kwara governor as he
matches on, building a new Kwara State
that will positive impact on the lives of the masses.

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