Senator Sadiq Congratulates AbdulRazaq at 60

Senator Sadiq Congratulates AbdulRazaq at 60

I joined all well wishers to congratulate you on your 60th birthday. This special day gives us an opportunity to personally thank you for the contributions you are making toward the development of our dear.

You are exhibiting that rare combination of a simple and modest lifestyle coupled with an ambitious and grand vision for our state.

As Governor, you are doing much to correct maladministration by placing Kwara on the path to our better future. Your administration has been one of momentous achievement and the realization of hope and progress for our state.

“As usual, you are showing rare bravery and exemplary resilience in all you do. Your hand is on the plough and we know you will continue to press on. Be assured, the good and decent people of this state are with you as you are for them.

I wish Your Excellency, so many more years of good health and fine achievement. Happy Birthday Mr Governor!

Senator Sadiq Suleiman Umar

Kwara North, Senatorial District, National Assembly.

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