SAFETY EFFORTS BY KWARA GOVERNMENT: The Economy Prosperity Therein By Abdulkareem O Yusuf

SAFETY EFFORTS BY KWARA GOVERNMENT: The Economy Prosperity Therein By Abdulkareem O Yusuf

Ilorin Metropolis is known for a place crowded with people of diverse tribe, religious and businesses.

The city is filled with with cheese and honey (as has been rightly said by our forefathers) due to the fact that the populace tolerate one another to a large extent.

This has been one of the major reasons businesses are thriving no matter how large or little they are.

Meanwhile, it is no news how Commercial cars across the metropolis have been constituting a lot of hardship to business men/woman, pedestrians in city.

Kwara Government Intensifies Safety Efforts 

The commercial motorists formed illegal loading points at anywhere without consulting relevant authorities in the State for approval.

This has for a long time expose the safety of both the transporters and pedestrians to jeopardy. The report of accident on these places are high both major and minor.

The indiscriminate parks have also disrupted the ease of doing business in the affected places. Traders now have to fear accident more than their own end meet target they won’t be able to reach should their businesses be hindered in anyway.

The walkways meant for the pedestrians are fully occupied by the personnel of these parks and if challenged would resulted into violence.

Gridlock caused by this menace has been directly and indirectly ravaging the social economic development that should have greeted the State bulkily.

However, the Government of the day ably led by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has taken it upon themselves to eradicating such menace. This was brought to the fore few weeks ago when the Government announced that these illegal parks should be vacated and has since provided alternative parks.

We all have no doubt seen the positive effect this gesture by the State Government has brought to such places such as Challenge, Post office and so on.

The walkways are now easy to tow by pedestrians. Businesses going smoothly and the gridlock controlled to a large extent.

More effort has to be made in Oja Oba as this particular place has return to it old usual way of interrupting businesses and causing gridlocks at all corners that leads to the market after few days of adhering to the
government warnings.


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