Our political space again since the deregistration pronouncement of 74 political parties by the “Almighty” Nigeria electoral umpire; INEC on February 10th, 2020 has been inundated with diverse opinions and interpretations of power vested on INEC to register and de-register political parties.

While I appreciate the wisdom of many Nigerians who are not only professional but also patriotic in putting forth their arguments; I have listened to many in whom am well displeased by their display of ignorance on matter of ”Building Process” and I say if we surrender to arguments of some, doom becomes inevitable to Nigeria democracy! (God forbid).
I am a strong believer in the sovereignty of most high God as He says in His word; “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for me? Hmm, if you ever understands His ways, you will know that, there is nothing God cannot do but there are many things He will not do! He will not do what you can do yourself! Nigerians wake up.

To those who are busy castigating newbie parties; certainly before talking of new, there must be an old.

For anyone with sound analytical mind and without rhetoric, certain questions become expedient:
1. When you talk of new parties, were there Old ones?
2. If yes, what went wrong before agitating for new ones?
3. Does Nigeria constitution stipulate specific number of political parties to be registered, if yes, what are the prerequisites and modalities?
4. What should be the minimum electoral years to confirm a political party of ideology fit or not, having in mind the structure building processes?
Any ideological based Political party anywhere in the world involves a cognitive processes in building it, as such time become another key factor.

This is so because it’s a herculean task of door to door advocacy, working-on and reprogramming the mindset of the electorates who have been brainwashed and downgraded to a peanut in the face of artificially created poverty by leaders, particularly in the case of Nigeria where money is preferred to politics of good governance.

The most sensitive issue many who invaded media houses spilling all sorts against new parties neither wish to explain nor interrogate is the dynamism and progressive actions required in building a strong formidable political party that will be strong enough to slog it out with existing parties characterized with doctrine of opponent kidnapping, maiming, killing and now upgraded to “Ta-ta-ta-ta” politics! Tangential to this is shenanigan and brigandage specialized in ballot boxes snatching which has become habitual trait of the two big leading political parties in Nigeria.

In INEC assessment of players in the industry which they purportedly regulating and claims prompted them of the satanic hasty action of deregistration, do they actually realized that, building structure of a party is a journey and not an ordinary one? Are they pretending or are ignorance of tools of pursuit among which are energy, optimism, friendliness and networking, resilience, flexibility, courage etc? Why suddenly INEC became an agent of destruction, dream killing institution and government tool advocating and promoting regression, frustration, confusion when in the real sense of it, supposed to operate independently as its name called, for the generality of all Players in Nigeria electoral system? What character of an institution is this INEC?

One other critical factor that is unwittingly overlooked by analysts and social media commentators regards the deregistration is the question: Was the fidelity of process of 2019 general election used by INEC to form basis of its hilarious act of doing the bidding of cabals who are out to silence the bravery youths and young adults who have suddenly woke up from slumber, to say enough is enough to serial economic damages witnessed under twain PDP and APC led administrations, generally accepted to be credible by Nigerians, local and international election observers? INEC with bundles of ongoing court cases knows better that, the fidelity of process is far from being credible! The viral videos of electoral atrocities and abnormalities are all there to judge.

On the deregistration, except INEC is clamoring, gratifying and promoting electoral gangsterism, politics of do or die and recommending same to newly registered political parties in order to win political contest, I advise the authourity to reverse the deregistration pronouncement.

However, I take side with all objective critics of characters of Nigeria political parties which are commercialized and are trade by barter in principle. It is now a norm and strategy by the desperate politicians to register political parties for the sole aim of having alternative platform either to sponsor an anointed candidates or a stooge contestant to dilute votes where perceived to be stronghold of their opponents and neutralize electoral value of any opposition who may pose threat to their success at the ballot, or in some cases platform used as the last resort to contest whenever there is conflict of interest and or where pendulum swing not in their direction in erstwhile party! Events as panned out in some states during the last general election are convincing proofs to any doubters or pretenders of this asserted practices.

So, for those political parties registered unpatriotically by gusto desperadoes who schemed their ways to outsmart the electoral umpire and flooded Nigeria political space with all kinds of political parties; INEC should brace up, beam its searclight and sincerely exercise their constitutional right and authority to penalize them where found necessary.

For the electoral Umpire to convince and disabuse the minds of worrying Nigerians on the deregistration pronouncement that, is never an undue haste and rush to shield the interest of its jittery sponsors to incapacitate the vibrant newly registered political parties, it should look into the activities of all registered political parties with a very strict measures and performance assessment parameters to guide in its regulatory functions.

Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), a party where I am a card carrying member in its structure building efforts has presence in all 36 states of Federation including FCT. Our first test water was 2019 general election and the electoral circle is yet to be completed as there are up to 13 states yet to conduct Local government election. ANRP unlike some political parties, turned down offer of money by the big-wig parties and was not identified in any state where we filled-in candidate to have defected eleventh hour or at any time for trading-off of our political ideologies.

As for us in ANRP, we are determined to challenge the deregistration in court as we shall not succumb to any threat or intimidation from any quarters no matter where, to give the current administration a good fight so as to rescue Nigeria from the comatose and abyss state of the economy. We are renewal agents sent to rebuild, restore the ruins and devastated Nigeria economy has prophesied by prophet Isaiah in the book of faith. And we are committedly committed to nurture, ready and willing to patiently watch ANRP growing across board and loom with credibility lacking among the oldbie parties.

Nigerians, there is no other time to wake up than now. May the glory of our dear Country be fully restored?

Ade Alabi,
ANRP Chairman,
Kwara State.


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