NGO Charge Kwara Civil Servants On Efficient Service Delivery

NGO Charge Kwara Civil Servants On Efficient Service Delivery

*charge Govt on sponsoring civil servant training program.

Dwellers Freedom Foundation an Humanitarian NGO has charge civil servants on efficency service delivery as the only watering action to Kwara development, while speaking via her sponsored radio program “Ojo Ola kwara”on Sobi 101.9 FM 10am-10.30am every monday state that every government with an aim towards development will want a civil service that is up and doing but in recent years that has not been the fate of kwara civil service.

The government need to invest in human capital development of the civil service structure by sponsoring training programs and organizing workshops to help the civil service take on challenges and drive out plans in achieving the government goals while speaking on radio the invited guest Mr Moshood Adeyemo said

“its quite noticeable today in the civil service structure of Nigeria; we have been able to adopt carrot and stick formula but have only been able to implement the stick bases which as led to an unmotivated civil service “

He further stated that the government have to drive out plans to access the KPI (key performance indicator) of the civil service, the large part of the civil service have been made mundane without training and capacity building while we kick the civil servants who have not been trained, place on low pay and liable to be punish for having an opinion for the error in the civil service.

It have been brought to public that civil servants are to carry out environmental cleaning themselves every Wednesday morning this is an indication that the civil servants are been undermine and de-motivated while the populace drum support for ultima service delivery.

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However, from previous findings it seems the focus of all training is actually the training allowance. Any opportunity for training outside the city provide an essential opportunity to shop and bring back goods to sell, nobody is going anywhere to learn anything. The government should thus provide mechanisms to checkmate this and equip the civil service for quality service delivery.

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