My friend Yusuf Olatunji Abdulkareem is a Great man by A.A Abdulrahman

My friend Yusuf Olatunji Abdulkareem is a Great man by A.A Abdulrahman


Good Day comrades and elders,

I’m happy to be a member of this progressive family.

More than a friend and colleague, Yusuf Olatunji Abdulkareem and I grew up together in the same neighborhood and I have always referred to him as a brother. We went to the same secondary school GSS and University, although he was my senior in both and he in a way influenced my decision to enroll in GSS. We have also been in many community development Associations together where he has served in various positions including the most tempting position of Treasurer. These were just few areas Yusuf and I have worked together, and I therefore believe I can highlight one or two things about him fisebililahi.

Of all that I have always commented about Yusuf, his character is most excellent. I have always celebrated his character in private but here is an opportunity to make it public. He’s one of the very few selfless, reliable, trustworthy and just persons I have encountered throughout my whole life. Although he was born into a relatively rich and privileged family, Yusuf treated everyone with respect and equality regardless of class. He has made positive impacts in the lives of his many friends and community peers who have come his way including myself. Even at a very young age, he was always ready to share all his resources and materials with us, and he had in many times used his influence to get us many benefits.

In term of politics and community development, Yusuf was not only born into politics, he has been a grassroots mobilizer with commitment to community development. In the past, he has inspired establishment/emergence of different community organizations including Erudite Youth Forum, and has facilitated some development in the community. In the Erudite Forum, Yusuf served as our Treasurer because of his trustworthiness and his great sense of accountability. By the grace of God, he never mismanaged nor abused a kobo of the association.

A.A Abdulrahman.

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