On corruption, AbdulRazaq has no friends By AbdulWahab Tajudeen

On corruption, AbdulRazaq has no friends By AbdulWahab Tajudeen



There is this adage among the Yoruba people that “tí a bá fẹ́ y’ọwọ ọbakan ẹni law, ọmọ’ya ẹni ni akọ́kọ́ gba létí” which can be roughly translated that “when one is up to fight against anomalies, one should start from people within.”


It is safe to say that Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has raised his hands on one such anomaly famed for hindering the forwardness of the state and destroying the image of the country and citizens at large. There is only one menace, and that is almighty corruption with its brother – illegal doings within the government.


When the news broke that there was a case of illegal withdrawal of #300 million from the local government funds, even without proper verification, there were mixed reactions from the citizens of the state.


Although the opposition members have since been vilifying the governor, calling for all sorts of actions to be taken forgetting that they were once allowed to rule this land which ends in futility. They are all over the media playing the “we are the lesser evil” game with Kwarans, to make a mess of their historic O’toge revolution.


With doubts already wedging in the minds of a people, some have since started watching with a keen interest in the response of Governor AbdulRazaq to the allegations. It is not unexpected as untoward experiences in the hands of some former leaders are still fresh.


The setting up of a panel of inquiry and calling in of the anti-graft agency to probe into the spending of all the 16 local government from May 2019 till date is a perfect reaction. It is consistent with the mantra of a new dawn in Kwara, as a government with a charge in fighting corruption and corrupt practices.


It becomes more interesting when some people before now doubted his sense of justice and accountability as the matter was earlier linked to persons considered very close to him. This action has not only rebuffed all such petty insinuations but shows that he’d not let emotional attachment in the way in discharging his constitutional duties. That we have a leader who will spare no friends found wanting on corruption ground is a departure from the culture of cronyism in Kwara.


Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq is set to write his name with a golden ink as the people’s governor, conferring himself with the title of “Mister Integrity.” It is the right message that Abdulrahman is ready to chide his kitchen cabinet for the growth of the state. Is Kwara not fortunate enough to have this affable personality?


We cannot praise the action of the governor without pleading to the anti-graft agency and the panel of inquiry to discharge their duties with all sense of patriotism to help the state block its resource from being mismanaged by the corrupt people in the government. But that is if there was indeed any money being diverted. If it turns out to be false, both the EFCC and of course the panel should be courageous enough to also find out who was peddling the dangerous rumour and recommend their probe accordingly. This is because justice is always multidimensional.


As the event unfolds in weeks to come, Kwarans are enjoined to stay supportive and understanding as the government does internal cleansing for the sustainable growth of the state.

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