Reasons behind the rise in COVID-19 cases in Kwara

Reasons behind the rise in COVID-19 cases in Kwara


You must have read or heard about it somewhere. The case of Coronavirus is rising in Kwara. One thing they might not have told you is that the government is not sexing figures and can hardly be held responsible for it.

As of 11: pm 21st July, 2020, Kwara’s confirmed cases stand at 672. A total of 244 has since been discharged, with only 414 remaining active. Although the state has been battling the virus since April, only 14 persons have died so far.

The above statistics are important to have a clear sight of the current state of the state. While it is undeniable that there is a spike in the number of confirmed cases so far, it is not unusual for a state with an improved testing capacity.

The Kwara state government officially secured a test lab for COVID-19 11 days ago. Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) approved the automated GeneXpert laboratory for COVID-19/
Infectious Diseases Centre at Alagbado, Ilorin which has since been operational. The evidence of its operation is written all over the speedy processing of test samples and confirmation of cases.

You may be wondering why it was necessary to get a test centre and how an increase in testing capacity is an indication of the government’s capability to defeat the virus in due time. On 31st April 2020, the World Health Organization advised Nigeria to expand its testing capacity to bolster its efforts on flattening the curve of transmission. Three months after the advisory, the nation has only 53 labs completed (as of 15th July, 2020).

While Nigeria has not been faring badly in holding its own against the COVID-19, many experts and medical professionals are of the opinion that the nation could have fared better with more testing capacity. With such an understanding, it follows that national and state governments need to work towards more testing. It is most impressive that Kwara has since joined the league of state with a laboratory, and another molecular centre is in the pipeline.
As an aside information, Kwara now has the capability to test for other infectious diseases in the future.

The fruits of such effort are accelerated testing which will aid the contact tracing and curb possible community transmission in the state. As much as the COVID-19 cases in Kwara have been of recent, getting to know about them earlier than usual will save the lives of many unsuspecting members of the public.
This is why it is now necessary more than ever for our people to take to all the safety protocols for the COVID-19. The pandemic, no doubt, alters our way of life and affects our businesses, but it’d drag even longer with graver consequences when we all don’t take responsibility. As the government strives day and night, the citizens’ duties include not spreading fake news and panic to the public.

The Coronavirus pandemic has reached a critical stage in Nigeria. The rise in the number of cases is not because the Kwara state government has dropped the ball, in fact, they are kicking harder at it. This is the more reason everyone should follow the directive to use FACE MASK. The more we obey, the better our chances of saving more people from contracting it and dying. The latest step further affirmed the state has a leading light in Africa’s most populous state, Nigeria.

COVID-19 is real. It is not like a Yoruba movie. The opposition politicians and other naysayers should stop playing politics with it. Be responsible.

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