A Crash Course On How To Fake A Cry In Public like a Nigerian politician

A Crash Course On How To Fake A Cry In Public like a Nigerian politician


By Mogalu of Kwara 

Nigerian politicians have a history of crying in public as an act of showing sympathy to the populace, as this is becoming a regular show during compaigns, TV interviews, public inspection or during a visit to victims a disaster.

this might be too gross but Many Nigerian politicians are seen as the top upclass in the social strata (the bourgeoisie) that can bearly understand the groin of the masses Thus getting away with ill behavior and nor chalant attitude come with a well play crying show as a saving grace to upheld the day, but we can’t all be the sola shobowale of nollywood that why i have put together a step by step course module to save your day, any time your shovel get to the push.


Module 1 – Relax and Build Up Emotion (obj tactics)

Unit 1 – Tap Into Emotional memory while relaxing your shoulders

Unit 2 – you have to maintain eye contact and a slight hmmm to go with it.



Module 2 – Don’t stare too long. this will help you gather enough emotion and hid your face to avoid being spotted as fake (Atiku is a master in this act)


Module 3 – The Sound. (Tap into your emotional memories) not the Shola shobowale type

Unit 1. Make a sorrowful sound audible enough to get the attention of the least person (:Conjure up your most tearful memories, or imagine a hypothetical one.)

Unit 2. Add some baby noises and tune up your voice cord.


Module 4: Settle with this handkerchief (must be white)

At this point you have to put the handkerchief right on your face and do a little wipe on both cheek. NOTE – make sure the crying end the same moment you wipe the second cheek.


Module 5 (Emotional Bang) take a slight look at the other person/camera slowly and make a very big hummmmp.

At this moment end the convo and slightly reach out in soft words, a hug will come in handy Gov. Seyi makinde and Samuel urtom of Oyo and Benue state are master of this act.

Nigerians easily played by drowning emotion follow the steps and it won’t fail.




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