BOB” Turn Mike Tyson At APC Meeting, Headboot Party Woman

BOB” Turn Mike Tyson At APC Meeting, Headboot Party Woman


_A Fight Between the Sacked Chairman “BOB” And The person Of Mrs “ABIBAT BOJUA” a member of APC Kwara State chapter

~Femi Arekujaye

There was an APC stakeholders meeting at banquet hall Ilorin scheduled on Wednesday, Feb, 3, 2021 basically on membership card Registration exercise, the Atmosphere was peaceful, calm and pleasant until the arrival of the sacked chairman BOB, along side with some suspected thugs fully loaded in a Toyota Hummer Bus dangerously looked and really ready to carry out their nefarious activities on the people loyal to the governor.


Recall There were initial threats by some few loyal to BOB the sacked chairman in Disrupting the registration exercise some days ago through their unguided press release in attempt to stop the move.

These few vowed to disrupt the exercise if the registration materials were not handed over to the sacked chairman “BOB”


Its a pity that hon. Basirl Omolaja Bolarinwa A former APC party chairman was seen at banquet hall in another pattern disparate to political phenomenon when the embattled chairman was seen in a rope square ring exchanging blows with a woman happened to be AA loyalist, namely, mrs Abibat Bojua. Abibat Bojua hails from kwara central.

Information gathered that BOB has several occasions invited Iyalamole a special adviser to the governor on women affairs along side with Mrs Abibat Bojua the embattled woman that was violently injured by BOB and his thugs on that faithful day at banquet hall by wooing them into their camp which the duo refused, and as a result of their refusal to join the failed camp, BOB and his cohorts have been looking for every means possible to deal with them, not until they both meet at banquet hall that faithful day. Do we ask BOB and his cohorts on why all these were needed .. This is politics, and its a game of choice, and everybody has his or her constitutional right to chose who ever is willing to follow politically, then why would it be deadly ?


So Again, I wondered why BOB the sacked chairman was insinuating that “SOJ” an aide to Gov. AbdulRaman was the one masterminded his attack at banquet hall… Its so irrational and extremely illogical for BOB to have said that, I believe the embattled chairman is desperately looking for every means possible to pull the governor and his aide (SOJ) the political bridges builder down as these could be seen through his mischievous acts toward the governor and his aide.


Recall BOB has gone on radio station to criticize governor aside from that of those once doing whenever the need is necessary, BOB will never missed any of his opportunity to criticize AA, AbdulRaman this, AbdulRaman that, just like the way he has chosen SOJ as his nail targeted to be hint at all cost ..

Thus, its high time we ask BOB what really transpired between him and that of the Governor’s aide as the continuous acts of blackmailing SOJ is becoming and unbecoming, SOJ this, SOJ that, it will even get to a point if BOB couldn’t perform his duty as husband at home, the next thing would be SOJ. but why ?



As at the time of that incident at banquet hall, SOJ was still at IDIGBA, or is it possible for someone to be here and there at the same time?

No….but in the issue of BOB, reverse is the case.


However, this is just a sign that BOB is drowning and he is desperately looking for someone to drown with him, BOB has seen SOJ as his number one enemy in the state simply because, he “BOB”was not allowed to succeed on his treacherous plans on the governor, especially in kwara south, he is suspecting that SOJ have usurped his function in that area by building forever political bridges, and not even in kwara south alone, but across the state. which he think should be his duty as state party chairman.

However, what BOB could not achieved through political impact, he intends to get it through political blackmail, please note, a mischief maker like BOB will always dwindled to nothing and that is why you see BOB falling day by day .. I wish he could stop this politics of bitterness before it will to late for him.

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