Our attention has been drawn to a piece in circulation with the aforementioned headline – what can be described a forum of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and some fraction of the All Progressives Congress (APC) loyal to the erstwhile party chairman, Honorable Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa.

The group made some resolutions that are not in the interests of all the well meaning Kwara Northerners. They are selected selfish and greedy people forcing political relevance in their various localities after making low or zero significant impacts when they were occupying one political office or another.

Where were these set of people (with exception of few) – where was their voice during the struggle of power shift to Kwara North prior to the 2019 general election. What has changed?

We urge the patriotic and selfless individuals in their midst to be wary of power mongers, dubious, greedy, and selfish people that want to use their heads to break coconut to pursue their respective political ambitions come 2023.

Now to the resolutions made;

1. The people of Kwara North Senatorial Zone remain aggrieved regarding the appointment of the current Vice Chancellor of Kwara State University and still expecting the Kwara State Government to retrace its steps and appoint Prof Saka Mahmud, who came top in the interview exercise, as the VC of the university.

This issue has already been addressed but if the self acclaimed leaders wish to bring it up again, we urge them to tell the Board Chairman, Kwara State University, Professor Kpotun Baba to resign his appointment as the chairman, and demand the Kwasu VCship outrightly.

2. A building to be named “Kwara North House” is to be established in Ilorin as a symbol and rallying point for the desired unity and emancipation of the diversed peoples of Kwara North Senatorial Zone.

We want to believe this demand is mainly for the Kwara Northerners and not directed to the government, hence, there is need to clarify that.

3. The entire people of Kwara North Senatorial Zone unequivocally disagree with and therefore dissociate the Zone from the recent press interview granted by Senator Umar Suleiman Sadiq who is currently representing the zone at the Senate on the second term for the incumbent governor of Kwara State and said the contents of the press interview were the senator’s personal opinion which are grossly anti-Kwara North and against the interests of the people of Kwara North.

This is a way to silence Senator Sadiq Umar from airing his views. He is entitled to his opinion and he should not be forced to silence. This E-cancellation habit rocking Kwara State recently is uncalled for.

4. The 2021 budget of Kwara State is not only arithmetically unbalanced but also politically unfair to the Kwara North Senatorial Zone and should therefore be reviewed to correct the imbalance and lopsidedness against Kwara North Senatorial Zone with immediate effect.

This is misleading and mischievous which cannot be substantiated. One can only help to laugh at the self-acclaimed leaders that have not even found time to pursue the 2021 budget as approved by the Kwara State House of Assembly before making a misleading claim to display their ignorance and laziness to go through the public document.

5. The process that cumulated into the approval by the Kwara State House of Assembly for the N35 Billion bond is fraught with irregularities, self serving and did not meet with the regulatory requirements of raising such bonds as required by the Debt Management Office of Nigeria. The bond should therefore be discoutenaced with to save Kwara State from future financial burden that shall lead to its bankruptcy and other financial embarassments.

If a gathering which former speaker of the Kwara state house of assembly, former Deputy Speaker, former Legislators and former members of the state executive council could say the process to raise the bond did not follow due process, then you can know the perspectives which they are speaking from.

Without mincing words, majority of these people were part of the administration of former Governors, Dr. Bukola Saraki and Abdul Fatah Ahmed when several bonds were secure and dare not open their mouths to go against that move. But they found their comradeship voices now because of some reason best known to them.

6. The Agricultural Development Plan recently put in place by the Kwara State Government is shrouded in secrecy in terms of cost and location of projects as It is not linked to the state’s 2021 Budget nor the Medium Term Expenditure Framework of the state and should therefore be withdrawn and redesigned with the input of the General public and the farming communities in the state.

This group has proven once again that they are ignorant of public engagement and documents. The government specifically stated that the relevant stakeholders were engaged before they came up with the document but as usual they do not read government press statements or they decided to be mischievous. We urge them to find time to read the document to avoid future embarrassment.

It is also important to state that the NEPAD project for smallholders farmers capabilities strengthening is aligning with the Agricultural Master Plan, and the pilot is domiciled at the Kwara State University, College of Agriculture Ilesha Baruba Campus. The project is supposed to kick-off in the first quarter of this year, 2021.

Concerned Kwara North Leaders

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