Ilorin East Chairperson Adopted Abandoned Baby, Named Her Ayobami

With great astonishment, Ilorin East TIC Chairman Hon. Ayobami Seriki on Tuesday May 11 2021 met a newly born, bouncing baby girl at the door of her office in Oke-Oyi at the Ilorin East Local Government SecretariatThe energetic baby girl was full of life as at the time she was rescued by the compassionate chairman got there, for the fact that no one is there to call the innocent baby his/her own

The Hon. Chairperson Hajjia Ramat Ayobami Seriki with a golden heart took the baby with her angelic hands in expression of some kind of motherhood feelings “How Could a blessing from a Allah be thrown away”

She perhaps decided and vow to take care of the baby by taking her to a motherless home as she gave the baby a special name AYOBAMI AYOMIPOSI.



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